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I’ve been enjoying using my new jumbo iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil with the Procreate App to sketch interesting characters on TV shows I watch. It’s fun getting back to drawing faces, especially when the actors are emoting.  It’s fun and addictive experimenting with what the app has to offer and trying to learn about all the different brushes and features.

Above from Broadchurch — not quite a likeness and lots wrong with the drawing but had to stop sketching and watch the rest of the episode! ( (it’s back for Season 3 on BBC America). All of these sketches are done in Procreate, with Apple Pencil and jumbo IPad Pro. This one used a combination of airbrush and technical pen. The other two below mostly used the 6B pencil.

Above from Million Dollar Listing New York, a guilty pleasure reality show about some competing high rolling realtors, the beyond fabulous properties they are selling, their clients and colleagues and personal lives. The guy on the left is a very tall angular Swedish realtor and on the right his small round faced older client.

My favorite show right now, streaming on Amazon: “Suits” about a high powered NYC corporate law firm.. It is a bit like a cross between the Good Wife and Doogie Howser MD and MacGyver. Like the Good Wife it deals with current issues, but there is a lot more humor, oddball characters and eye candy.

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My iPad is ancient! One of the first ones! It’s starting to get a little temperamental now and one day I would love to get an iPad Pro as I’ve heard they are so good for creative projects.
Meanwhile I love your sketches… Great idea to draw from the TV… Pressumably on pause? Great work!


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