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Waiting and Watching (and Sketching)

Waiting and Watching at Peets, ink, 5x8"
Waiting and Watching at Peets, ink, 5×8″

I love the way the big guy seems to be looking at the pretty girl’s butt in her shiny black tights. In reality they got in line at different times, but my drawing took on a life of its own.

One of the things I love about living in the Bay area is the wide variety of people you see, dressed however they please, with either no concern about fashion or a style all their own. I fit right in!

10 replies on “Waiting and Watching (and Sketching)”

Jana, you’re a hoot! Your guy eyeballing that girl’s butt has made my day.
It looks funnier the more I look at it. To think that you got that humor without
even meaning to, just from doing a composite of the people in line. And
just by doing a couple of YOUR lines–subtle, but penetrating.


Great story that emerged from your lovely sketch.
It’s a shame you could sketch the ladies at tea but I love the building sketches and kudos to you all for sketching the BART – what an amazing an difficult subject brilliantly captures.


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