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Tickle Your Tastebuds: Gaumenkitzel

Sketching German Cookies, ink & watercolor, 5x8"
Sketching German Cookies, ink & watercolor, 5×8″

When we visited Berkeley’s very colorful Gaumenkitzel Restaurant, they offered us a large “community” table where we could sketch and snack all evening. After most of the other customers had left, one sketcher pulled her chair right up to the pastry case to get a better look. Gaumenkitzel means “Tickle Your Taste Buds.” Just saying the name feels tickly on the tongue.


I sketched the back of Susan’s beer while she drew the more decorative front. Click their names to see more sketches from the evening by Ceiny and Cathy.

My January and February have been swallowed up by a ton of organizing and business chores which I’m hoping to declare completed tomorrow (YAY!). Then I can finally get back to a life centered around art instead of on spreadsheets, file folders, computers, and tax forms.

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Jana, I am enjoying your ink sketches so much, and your descriptions of places visited.. sketching in a bakery!! How fun! and coffee places… I always want to sketch while I am out, but never have the nerve. Having friends with you must make it easier 🙂 You’ve inspired me to give it another try. thanks 🙂


Hi Debbie. I’m such a huge fan of your work! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.

Have you tried sketching out and about yet? It’s funny how I used to be really nervous about whether other people noticed me sketching but after doing it for years have learned that if they do notice and then comment, people always say nice things, even when you know for sure your sketch is terrible. People really enjoy seeing someone creating something. If they’re not artists they may say, oh, I can’t draw a stick figure — and then tell you how great yours is. Or if they draw themselves may just smile or nod in encouragement. But to be honest, most of the time people are so engaged in their cell phones or conversations or own worlds they never even notice or care if they do. I’m sure you’ll discover the same thing. And with your incredible talent and skill at painting, I’m sure your sketches will be great. Jana


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