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The Voice: Top Ten Finalists Sketched

The Voice: Sylvia, Terry & Melanie, drawn in ink from TV on pause, 5x8"
The Voice: Sylvia Yacoub, Terry McDermott & Melanie Martinez, drawn from TV, in Moleskine watercolor notebook, 5×8″

Faced with a Tuesday night at home instead of out with the Urban Sketchers (nobody could go) I turned on the TV. Boring. But wait, those performers on The Voice (a singing competition show) are all so interesting looking. Why not sketch them?

The Voice: Cody, Bryan & Amanda
The Voice: Cody Balew, Bryan Keith & Amanda Brown

Each of the performers has been crafted into a carefully defined “package,” with extensive costuming to further exaggerate their type. If you click the images to make them bigger you can read my snarky comments. Some of the finalists are incredibly talented with beautiful voices (e.g. Amanda Brown is fantastic).

The Voice: Nicholas, Trevin & Cassadee
The Voice: Nicholas David, Trevin Hunte & Cassadee Pope

It amazed me how different each of their features were, especially noses. As I was drawing, using a Lamy Safari fountain pen with the nib upside down to get a finer ink line, I was getting nervous because they were turning out well and I wanted to do all 10 in a row with no do-overs.

The Voice: Casadee (again) and Dez
The Voice: Casadee (again) and Dez

I finally did mess up the last one, Dez (above, his mouth got too inky and it’s not a good likeness). I could have redone him but he doesn’t interest me much (I think he’s supposed to be the “teen idol”) and I was tired. He was on his own page but I let him hang out with his neighbor across the spread here so I don’t end the post with the one funky drawing.

It took about 2 1/2 hours for the project: to find a spot in the program to pause and then to draw each of them. It was really fun! It’s amazing how much more you see when you’re really looking, even when drawing from TV.

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What splendid sketches, Jana. Really fun to look at. During those pauses, when you drew, were they still on camera? Or did you do them from memory? If from memory, that knocks me out.
Thanks for putting them on…annie


These are great sketches Jana! I’m not much of a tv watcher but just recently got hooked on X-Factor– another singing competition. Very unusual for me to watch this type of show – but, I heard Carly Rose Sonnenclar sing- from a friend’s facebook post — and now I’m hooked on following her to see if she wins! If I started to sketch during the shows I’d consider it time well spent– thanks for the idea!


What a clever idea. The resulting drawings are super. And I love the snarky comments! Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that the Urban sketchers happened to be busy that occasion; you’ve found yet another outlet for your observations. I guess there’s always something to draw when we just look around to find it, and necessity is still the mother of invention. Bravo!


Yeah, you’re right, who deserves to win probably won’t. I’m guessing Cassadee will win since she seems like the popular girl, but I’m happy that Amanda and Nicholas, Melanie and Trevin are still there since they are not the usual bland, insipid choices that “America” usually makes. I think Amanda probably deserves to win. She’s amazing. What do you think? Jana


What a good idea to do quick sketches of faces from the TV. I find programs like this rather odd with all the hype. Voting the winner here in Oz is usually about how many phone calls family and friends can make! However, our local high school had a great concert the other night – teenagers singing their hearts out, or playing solo insruments, three bands, three choirs. Way to go. Our grandson on drums and in a choir. Because our kids are Fijian they sing so easily – all around the house, know so many pop, Island and reggae songs.


Hi Wendy, They get millions of votes so it’s definitely more than family and friends. There’s a really positive and supportive attitude on this show that I like, unlike some other reality tv competition shows. And surprisingly, so far, the people who still remain are my favorites and the oddballs of the group while the more generic, bland personalities who would normally be the popular ones have been sent home. That’s so nice you have music and singing in your home. I wish I could sing but sadly I’m terrible at it! Jana


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