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A is for Age, Avoiding, Annoying, Anxious…

In April my sketch group decided to sketch things starting with “A” but I kept going with it. I had a lot of fun finding things about the people I sketched that started with A. Click on any of the pictures to see them larger with my notes in slide show format. As you’ll see from the times in the notes, I was working some long hours the past couple months which is why I’m so behind on posting. When time is limited I always choose painting over posting.

5 replies on “A is for Age, Avoiding, Annoying, Anxious…”

I like the title of your post! It kind of reminds me of myself some days…That was a fun idea, to try drawings beginning with a letter. Might have to try it.


Well now that’s a good idea that I hadn’t thought of: B! (We were doing A for April and I carried it through May.) Lot’s of good words start with B. That will be fun to do next.

I’m so enjoying my subscription to your blog. I absolutely adore your writing. You are so funny, and as a wanna-be New Yorker who hopes to return some day it thrills me to read about New York and New York attitudes. (I moved to Manhattan from San Diego when I was an extremely naive19-year-old surfer girl/hippie with a dream. I lived there for one magical year before returning to California to go to college). You allow me to be a virtual New Yorker for a few minutes so thanks!



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