This Old Band on 4th Street, 7x5", ink & watercolor

This Old Band performing on 4th Street, 7x5", ink & watercolor

Waiting in Line at Apple, Waiting to Play in Front of Peets, 2 page spread

Waiting in Line at Apple, Waiting to Play in Front of Peet's, 2 page spread

When the new Apple Store opened in Berkeley, I played hooky from my plein air group’s scheduled paint out and went down to 4th Street in pursuit of sketching opportunities and one of the free t-shirts Apple was giving out to the first 1,000 customers.

When I arrived an hour after the grand opening, the line was barely one block long and moving quickly. By the time I sketched a few people and balloons (above) I was in the store. I got my shirt, bought a gizmo for my gadget and went across the street to Peet’s Coffee.

This Old Band

This Old Band playing on 4th Street

I enjoyed an iced coffee at a sunny table on their front patio as “This Old Band” set up to play. The music was wonderful, with a sweet, sensitive, gentle feel to it including some Otis Redding, The Drifters and other great oldies played by talented musicians.

There were some interesting (?) conversations going on around me.

Peet's Patio People, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

Peet's Patio People, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

This guy was actually sitting at a table with another woman beside him on his right blabbing away, but he seemed more interested in this one.

A chubby, balding, dorky-looking, baby-boomer guy sitting behind me pompously talked non-stop about his life as a rock star and the book he was writing about it. His wife never said a word, and the guy he was talking to was obviously someone he was paying to help him with the book, though he barely got a word in either.

After dropping dozens of famous stars’ names who he supposedly shared a life with, he admitted it was “Better to be a Has Been than a Never Been.”

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  1. “Blah blah blah…yadda,yadda”
    Hilarious, Jana. I love the mixed conversations you hear in crowds.
    And, after a day and a half of trying to “fix” something that should not be wrong…maybe I need a gizmo for my gadget? 😦


    • There was more that was even crazier that I didn’t put in the post. A woman kept complaining she’d burned her hand and was showing to everyone. Someone asked if she’d done it in the Israeli army. She did have a foreign accent but I didn’t hear her answer.

      Coffee houses are the best place to overhear conversations since everyone gets a little hyped up on caffeine and talks to much (I know I do!). I hope your gadget has stopped misbehaving!



  2. Absolutely have to click on anything with a cat pic! Loved your watercolour pictures & blog – great!


  3. You had a great ‘sick’ day! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Great sketches…our Apple store is always like this…absolute ordered chaos! (I admire your patience.) I KNOW my gadge could use a gizmo…or is it the other way around?


  5. Had a little burnout, but I’m back now and I see you’ve been going strong! Love that llama!


    • Thanks Raena, Glad you’re back. I still subscribe to your blog so was glad to see a post appear a week or so ago. It’s hard to do it all, and when you only have so much time, better to sketch than to blog, if you ask me. Jana


  6. Text and pictures are both fascinating! The characterizations of the people in the drawings are wonderful — suggests in image those qualities that you had noticed in the conversation.


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