Monterey Market Sunflowers, ink & watercolor, 5x7"

Monterey Market Sunflowers, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

My Tuesday night sketch group met at North Berkeley’s Monterey Market to sketch just before the produce store was closing. My friends started indoors while I stood and sketched the buckets of sunflowers in the parking lot, using a handy shopping cart as my table.

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

When the store closed at 7:00 they joined me in sketching the sunflowers. Then I walked around the block to the entrance of the wonderful Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. I saw this crazy Dr. Seuss-like plant along their fence and had to sketch it. Each fuzzy orange-red flower grows out of a stalk that comes up from the flower below it.

The next morning I called Berkeley Hort to ask about the plant. The guy who answered went outside to check and told me it is a Leonitus Lenorius or “Lion’s Tail,” a drought-resistant, sun-loving plant.

You can see Micaela’s market sketches here and Cathy’s market, melon and sunflower sketches here on our Urban Sketchers blog.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog after my holiday, so many good sketches and new paintings.


  2. Wonderful sketches! I’d have opted for sunflowers, too, and what an interesting plant for your second sketch. Well done!


  3. The Leonotis is a native plant from South Africa. I had some in a garden there – they’re very striking. Love the sketches.


  4. love the lion’s tail — looks like a very happy plant


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