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DUI: Drawing Under the Influence

Hydrangeas; Attempt #2, ink & watercolor
Hydrangeas Attempt #2; Painted directly without drawing and ink lines added after finishing attempt #3

During days of dismay at my disappointingly dismal drawing dexterity I determined to draw ’til I improved. But I was under the influence of migraine medicine which fixed the headache but left me drowsy. I actually fell asleep at the drawing table, dropped my brush on the page which woke me up, and had to go lie down for a spell between drawings.

Hydrangeas Attempt #1, ink & watercolor
Hydrangeas Attempt #1; drawn in ink, painted with ugly dark background which was then sponged off and a bit more paint added

My hydrangeas are bursting with vibrant blooms so I made them my subject. The first attempt got off to a decent start until I painted a nearly black background, probably due to my really dark mood and being too doped up to know when to stop.

I couldn’t stand the way it looked, so before scanning tonight took a soft, wet sponge and washed off the dark background. Then I dropped a little more color into the wet background.

Hydrangeas Attempt #3, ink & watercolor
Hydrangeas Attempt #3, ink & watercolor

I had the most fun with this last attempt, where I drew and painted more loosely, trying to capture the flavor and personality of the flowers.

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I’m enjoying the different styles and looks and I’m so jealous that you have hydrangeas in bloom as mine has been badly nibbled by slugs and is still trying to push up shoots! Such pretty paintings, Jana! x


These are great, I like the redone background.

I hope the migraine has gone now. Fab alliteration… what is it about migraines that connect to words? I alliterated my migraine post title.


I LOVE these. There are hundreds of hydrangea in bloom at my daughter’s beach house and I was too intimidated to try them last weekend. I’ll be back there on Sunday and will take this laptop out to the lawn and JUST DO IT! while looking at yours.


I think every one of these is great! So you got your drawing juju back! But that migraine, ugh! I’m impressed you did anything with a migraine.


Your hydrangeas are just wonderful – I’m so sorry that you are suffering from migraines, but realy, it hasn’t afected your drawing ability. These are al lovely.


Yeah, the migraines suck but I’m grateful for the medication that helps…and in a way I might even prefer a migraine to the heat wave and mosquitoes you’ve been dealing with! I hate mosquitoes and while my neighborhood’s foggy windy weather isn’t great for sundresses, at least it keeps the mosquitoes far away.



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