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A Frog and a Journal Named Froggie

Frog, ink and watercolor
Frog, ink and watercolor

I was listening to Ruth Reichl‘s book “Not Becoming My Mother and Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way” while I sketched on a rainy Sunday, feeling a bit mopey. That book was the perfect antidote to mopeyness.

After her mother’s death, Reichl finds her mother’s journals and discovers the story of  how her quirky mother tried to make sure her daughter wouldn’t suffer the unfulfilled life she’d had, restricted by the roles available to women of her generation.

The book is full of humor, love and amazing stories. I’m grateful that my public library has great audio books available to download for free. It ends with this great quote:

…and the most important thing I learned is that you are the only one who can make yourself happy. It is never too late to find out how to do it.” ~Ruth Reichl

I drew the frog above (from a photo on my monitor) to practice before I drew the frog on the cover of my journal (below) which I’ve named Froggie:

Froggie Journal, india ink on book cloth
Froggie Journal, India & gold gel ink

The Legion Multimedia Aquarelle paper the book is bound with is holding up even better than I expected. It’s nice and smooth for writing and drawing with ink from various pens, and accepts watercolor beautifully and even allows for lifting off and repainting and other kinds of abuse.

I love spending time with my journal which is like a dear friend, a place to come for solace when I need to write and sort things out, a library for recording visual and emotional discoveries, ideas, thoughts, and experiments.

8 replies on “A Frog and a Journal Named Froggie”

Hello Jana, I have just recently started reading your blog. Really enjoy it! thanks for sharing.


I have got to try the Legion Multimedia paper!!! You should get a financial credit for what I’m sure will be their increased sales!


I love your froggie journal and your painting of the frog. Sorry you’re feeling down; I had a bit of a bad spell myself recently–though mine had to do with a dry art spell. That always makes me down! Hope everything gets better for you soon!


That that froggie is so great, Jana. He looks as if he understood your mopey feelings. I do hope that you are feeling better now. It must help to see things working so well on that Legion paper, and I expect that all of us who follow you will be trying it sooner or later. That is a beautiful quote from Ruth Reichl. It lifts my heart, too.


Frogs are wonderfully plain creatures but lovely to draw. In front of our computer is a huge poster of an unattractive bird, the tawny frogmouth but I’ve got used to him/her now. Our son worked at a wildlife sanctuary recently and hand-fed a frogmouth, kangaroos, brolgas, etc. and he put the poster up!


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