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Sketching Shattuck & Vine, Berkeley

Vine Street Produce Store Roof, ink & watercolor
Vine Street Produce Center Roof, ink & watercolor

The best part of sketching tonight was running into beautiful Martha, who promises to rejoin our Tuesday night sketchcrawls again in a month or so. By then it will be light and warm enough to sketch all evening in comfort. The sun was setting and it got cold while I sketched the roof of the Produce Center above. I could see a crowd lining up for pizza at the Cheeseboard Collective where a jazz band was playing. I could hear the music but wasn’t close enough to smell the pizza, just the scent from all the local dogs who’d visited the bush behind the concrete bench where I sat in front of Bank of the West.

Vege Food Restaurant, Vine St.,  ink & watercolor
Vegi Food Restaurant, Vine St., ink & watercolor

I wouldn’t have thought to sketch this old vegetarian Chinese restaurant (above) until Cathy suggested it as a subject. I’d never noticed the interesting second story before. It was fun to draw quickly (Cathy was nearly done with her sketch when I started) and loosely (using my Lamy Safari while wearing fuzzy gloves for warmth which kept smearing the ink and caused the pen to keep slipping).

Continental Mark V, ink & watercolor
Continental Mark V, ink & watercolor

It was nearly dark when I started the sketch above, but I couldn’t resist this wonderful old car from the time when big was better. I wish I’d drawn it across the centerfold instead of fitting it on one page because I see I’ve compressed the width, especially the front which was just as long as the back. But I feel pretty pleased, considering I drew a car (not a subject I’m “good” at), in the dark, with a fountain pen held in thick fuzzy-gloved fingers.

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Jana…I am so out of the sketch loop (much like Martha!) Love your Berkeley sketches, especially the wonderful roof on Vine. I seem to remember a sketch of Martha’s at the same spot. Hope all is well with you. Glad youre on FB so I am reminded to visit your blog!


These are great Jana! I LOVE the colors you got into the interesting roof atop the produce center, and very nice job on the car…also a favorite (future) subject for me.


Made me laugh with the “scent of the local dogs” comment! That would be my luck too! These are wonderful sketches. The veggie food restaurant seems much looser than your usual and it still turned out very nice. And I like your car, even with the compressed front! Love how you captured the color on it!


I hear you – “(not a subject I’m “good” at), in the dark, with a fountain pen held in thick fuzzy-gloved fingers”… This is really impressive! But allow me to disagree – I think you are good at any subject. Isn’t it the way you see and interpret, and not the things you have practiced? You are good because you are experienced and attuned in your looking and seeing, the hand just follows the eye.


I do enjoy the Berkeley sketches!

I also followed Martha’s link. Her information on sketching was extremeley useful so thank you. Too bad her blog is not current though-I would love to see what she is up to:)


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