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Bouquet of Mothers’ Day Roses

Mothers' Day Flowers #2, ink & watercolor
Mothers' Day Flowers #2, ink & watercolor

On Mothers’s Day my wonderful neighbors brought me this  lovely bouquet of roses in a crystal vase. Then all three sweet kids wished me Happy Mothers’ Day and gave me hugs. I have the best neighbors. I took the flowers outside and sketched them twice, sitting on my studio porch steps.

The sketch above was done by painting directly with no drawing. The one below was drawn first with my Pentel Brush Pen and then painted with watercolor. Both are in the large Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

Mothers' Day Flowers #1, ink & watercolor
Mothers' Day Flowers #1, ink & watercolor

It was a pretty special day. Son #1 asked his girlfriend of 5 years to marry him (and she accepted) atop a tower in Turkey,  son #2 grilled a delicious dinner for me and his family, and I started the day with a great hike with my best friend Barbara. Life is good!

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That’s lovely news Jana! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! And two paintings – icing on the cake! I love the subtle colour shading in the first and the playful lines of the second.


Hi Jana,
Both of the paintings are beautiful, I can’t decide which one I like better. Congrats on your new daughter-in-law-to-be. I’m glad you had such a great day.



Hi Jana–

I have been admiring your talent, skills and generosity reflected in your paintings and your bloggings.

After being lifted and inspired by your sketches and observations, I’ve also been impressed with the technical aspects of your postings.

This sounds so silly, but How do you ever get your sketches to lie flat to photograph and post???!!

I travel quite a bit and want to e-mail photos of my watercolor sketches to friends and family, but my sketches are so 3 dimensional.

I work with a Moleskine notebook, Daniel Smith travel brushes and half-pan watercolors, but the pages curl and turn –maybe I’m overloading with water and too many layers!?!

I would appreciate any tips you could provide to a student of the arts



I have a question about the carder method. this similar to painting photorealism? Kind of looks that way to me. By the way . LOVE the roses painting…Looks like one of those beautiful French watercolour paintings I’ve seen in books…kind of a Monet look to it only in watercolours. Very nice. Love the poster’s cat painting too. So many talented people out there.


Thank you for your kind words about my work.

Carder is all about learning to really see, draw accurately, and then reproduce what you see with accurately mixed colors. I don’t think he’d call it photorealism, which as a style tends to go for hyperrealism, but especially when painting portraits, you need to be accurate. The Carder method is a way to learn how to do that using a systematic approach which once learned you can put more in the background and work more intuitively.

Mark Carder has a new website where he’s made many of his videos available for free download. It’s



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