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Waiting and waiting…BART and meeting sketches

He didn’t really have 3 extra heads. Those heads are the first people who sat in his seat but each got off after one stop so I had no time to finish them. Maybe they are his guardian angels watching over him as he sleeps.




I’m getting good at waiting… My very lame loaner computer is teaching me patience because every step takes so long. Hopefully mine will be back from the shop soon. It’s amazing what a difference 2 GB of memory in the exact same computer makes compared the 500 MB in this loaner.

These are some sketches over the past couple weeks while waiting for the subway, waiting for my stop, waiting for a meeting to end….





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Hi Jana – can you imagine that I am working on a notebook that’s more than 6 years old now and all the time on a 500 MB RAM? Waiting – is part of my life – LOL. You get used to it. It’s teaching patience, calmness and a certain wayof life…

Lovely vivid sketches! I still feel sometimes a bit timid when I try to sketch people as if sneaking into their life and personality. Do you have these feelings sometimes?

Greetings, Petra

You must have the patience of a saint! 6 years old & 500 MB RAM with all your wonderful photos? How on earth do you process them with so little memory? On the other hand, maybe you’re a much better photographer than I am and they don’t need to be Photoshopped!

And yes, about sneaking into people’s lives, I just love peering into people’s lives. At night when driving around, love it when people leave their curtains open and I can see their lives in action. I’m or just so curious about what other people’s lives are like. My ideal job would be to go around visiting homes and saying, “just go on about your life, I’m just here to observe and take a peek around.”


Hi Jana, basically been lurking around since joining, and just had to comment after seeing these awesome sketches. I completely identify with the waiting and waiting. My computer crashed and it took me two weeks to get it back to normal. Love the drawings, your detail is amazing. Just wondering, what type of pen was used.

Thanks Dawn! I’m finally back on line. Phew! The pen i like the best is the Micron Pigma 01.
Thanks for taking time to leave a note. I’m glad to meet you and know you visit.


These are great sketches! I like the train sketch the best.

Thanks, me too. I love your little sketch/icon!


In talking about what kind of pen to use… since Microns are so expensive, I buy lots of Pilot Roller Ball pens for my young art students. I just read an article in the Artist Magazine which suggested using a damp watercolor brush over the roller ball drawing to smudge the ink and add a shaded wash. It works great and adds a finished look to impromptu sketches. They suggested adding the water after you get home. It doesn’t take much water to blend the ink so you don’t need to use watercolor paper. Heavy drawing paper works.
You have inspired me to take my sketch book with me more often.


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