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Playing with my flowers


White ink, gouache on black Canford paper 10″x8″ (larger)

I got home from work just as my painting group was arriving for our weekly painting session in my studio. I grabbed a quick bowl of shredded wheat for dinner, fed the cats and plopped this little vase of white flowers on my drawing table.

I looked at the dainty, delicate white flowers, and feeling a little rebellious decided to draw them with white ink (using my favorite white ink pen, a Uni-ball Signo) on black paper, with no idea what I’d do after that. This was a “let’s try this and that and see what happens” sort of thing.

Once I had the drawing I decided to fool around with adding a little gouache. Just for fun I stopped before I’d covered all the petals, leaving some random black spots.

What I discovered is how much fun it is to paint with gouache on a dark background, which I’d never done before. It reminded me of those cool coloring books I always wanted (but rarely got) when I was a kid where you painted with water and the painting appeared magically.

It might have been a “better” painting if I’d paid attention to value, composition, light, etc. but tonight I just felt like playing like a kid, not trying to make a good painting.

Here’s the drawing without the gouache:

Which do you like better?

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They are both really appealing, but the gouached version is magnificent! Especially effective are the leaves in the glass vase. I guess you could have used the black shapes among the blooms to more dramatic effect if this had been a more considered painting, but your “fooling around” here has produced something really special! I would love to see further explorations in this kind if you decide to do any. 🙂


I agree with Anita Davies, Tiffany stain glass,
and it takes my breath away. So the colored
one leads for that reason but I really do
like them both.


White lines on black are fun to do and white pastel/oil pastel/paint on black paper also. The tricky thing is to know when to stop and leave some black showing. When you said you came in from work in a hurry I misread your sentences as – I ate some shredded cat, put out a bowl of wheat, etc.


As much as I like the gouache, I think I prefer the line drawing. They’re both really fun – thanks for the inspiration! Why do we sometimes forget that it’s all about play?


I like them both. I love working on black paper but it has been awhile since I have don so. You just sparked and interest here Jana. thanks


I just loved your gorgeous drawing and colours.I always read your entries hoping to find something new and I am never frustrated Thank you!


Hi Jan

I like both. Very striking. But my favorite is the first one with color.
I asked Josh which one he liked since he has been learning some painting. He said he likes the one without color. The second one.


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