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Worked late, missed train, got to draw



Once everyone left the office I could finally concentrate on a complicated project. By the time I finished and headed out it was nearly 8:00 p.m. I arrived at the BART station just as my train was pulling away and the flashing sign said it would be 20 minutes until the next one. I was exhausted, hungry and alone on the platform with nothing to do.

Within a few minutes, more late commuters began to arrive, sit down and kill time. I grabbed my sketchbook and the 20 minutes flew by. I drew the people above while waiting (felt pen added at home because I liked the negative space) and the folks below on the train ride home.



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I like your back to back one. Waiting rooms are such great places for sketching people. You get all these odd set-ups of people sat close who don’t belong to one another – and the body language that results always makes for really interesting sketches.

I agree. I used to hate having to wait in waiting rooms but now it’s a perfect chance to draw. I hadn’t thought about the relationships between waiters who “don’t belong to one another” — great way to describe them — but it’s so true.


I like this a lot. I especially the the stark darkness behind the two sitting on the bench. I just pops them both right out of the piece. Great work

Thanks Melody. It was just a sudden inspiration to do that…something I hadn’t tried before and I was glad it worked.


Like the dark around the folks at the top; gives the feeling of night. As always, love your train sketches too!

I hadn’t thought about it making it look like night but I’m really glad you pointed that out. Maybe that idea was in my subconscious and I’m glad you brought it out.


Hooray for having your sketchbook on you all the time!

Indeed! Even my wallet has a little binder section with drawing paper so I’ve always got something to scribble on.


You are so lucky that you get to take a train to work!

Ahhh, if only it were really a train…just a boring subway, but still, much better than having to drive!


I love your pen and inks. There is such ease and confidence in the strokes. These are just terrific. Me, too, I’m glad you had your sketchbook with you!

Thanks Nel. How wonderful to hear the words “ease and confidence” — sometimes it does feel that way but so often it doesn’t! ~jana


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