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Firehoses on 5th Ave (Oakland)


Ink & watercolor (Larger)

Saturday I painted wtih the East Bay Plein Air Painters at the foot of 5th Avenue in Oakland. It’s an amazing little enclave of funky art studios, rusty old boats in a beat-up marina, and industrial buildings not far from Jack London Square.

I arrived very late, being unable to push myself this weekend to move quickly or arise early. I did this one little watercolor sketch sitting in the hot sun and took a lot of photos. I was fascinated by the many varieties of fire extinguisher equipment on all the old waterfront shacks (I’m easily amused, I suppose) and painted the oil below from one of the photos I took on Saturday, working from the image displayed on my computer screen.


Oil on panel, 8×6″ (Larger)

Here’s a photo from the 5th Avenue Marina, or, as it says in the photo, the “Oakland Riviera”:

Click image to enlarge and see the soldiers on the missile. I’ll be posting more of my photos and paintings from 5th Avenue soon.

6 replies on “Firehoses on 5th Ave (Oakland)”

Excellent job on drawing and painting that truck! I knew I was gonna like this one when the image got held up loading with only about 1/2″ showing. The oil came out great too!

What a funny picture, I didn’t realize those were soldiers till I enlarged it. Somebody has a sense of humor!


It sounds like a fun day. That top painting seems to really have captured the atmosphere. Nice work, Jana!


What a great job on this view, Jana! I love the varied hues of the firetruck too!!!!! BTW, I also love the sketching of the folks at the station! If I ever want time to fly, sketching seems to do that — but don’t you love being lost in the sketching!!!


hi, i have been following your work for awhile. I like the variety of things that you do. I have been trying to get myself to paint and sketch more so i started my own blog to try and force myself to keep up and you have been an inspiration. Thanks.



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