Roses Finished?

Oil on panel, 14×11″ (larger)

These roses were making me sneeze. I’d set up the still life last Monday and then ran out of time on the painting and left it set up all week. When I finally got back to painting today, the studio smelled like like a perfume factory. That might be a pleasant experience if I wasn’t allergic and didn’t dislike strong scents, especially roses.

My goal for this painting was to be loose, work quickly, trying to get some of the freedom I experience with my line drawing and watercolor wash, while secondarily trying to pay attention to color and light.

Here are the steps along the way: (to see the steps, please click “Continue Reading” below)

First I sketched with a light blue Nupastel and then when I had the drawing about right, went over the pastel with a thin wash of blue paint:

Step One Rose in Oil

Then I started blocking in the color:

Roses in Progress 2

This was as far as I got on Monday before coming back to it today:

I decided to change the color of the cloth in the painting and not have the vase in the corner as it is in this photo of the still life set up. And of course the flowers opened and kept changed during the week.

This painting was a lot of fun. As usual I think I liked the earliest stages best, but was pleased with several aspects of the finished painting nevertheless. I may be tempted to clean up a few areas later, but for now, it’s time to move on to the next.

Sketchbook Pages

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  1. This is very fresh and thanks for posting your steps.


  2. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!! Fresh, loose, spectacular!!!! YOU DID IT, cara!!! BRAVA!


  3. I love your demos, Jana,
    especially since I am at the beginning
    of ink and watercolor wash. Seeing you
    sketch, and then block in the colors,
    are really helpful to me.

    And the final painting is so lovely.


  4. Very beautiful, Jana!


  5. It’s interesting seeing the steps. Came out BEAUTIFUL!

    I’m so glad that I don’t have allergies. I do have problems with really strong scents but for the most part it has to do with bottled scents…


  6. Great color combinations! I love the double complimentary color scheme.


  7. How we suffer for our art! This painting seems to have been worth the trouble, though… Beautiful!


  8. It’s a super painting, Jana. Interesting to see how you block in the shapes.


  9. This is beautiful Jana! You are really getting this oil painting thing.


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