1st Sketch of N.

Nel in Sharpie and watercolor in Aquabee 12×9″ sketchbook (larger)

Two art blogger friends and I are swapping portraits for the Portrait Party‘s Happy Birthday Party. You can see there pictures of me here on Nel’s blog and here on Rita’s Flickr page.
Anyone can join in the drawing fun. Just grab a friend and sketch each other; follow the directions here. To be included in the Happy Birthday Party contest, you need to submit your sketch to the Portrait Party by March 31.

1st Sketch of R.

RITA in Sharpie and watercolor in Aquabee 12×9″ sketchbook (larger)

My painting group met at my studio tonight and we finally caught up with each other after a month of way too much busyness to meet regularly. Lea finished illustrating her latest children’s book (which I think is going to become a classic) and shipped the last of the paintings off to her publisher. Susie shared some beautiful watercolors from her trip to Hawaii. Sharon was working on an abstract watercolor and while she painted, Judith surreptitiously sketched her. To get even, Sharon did a quick watercolor of Judith.

Then we uploaded their portrait swaps (below) to the Portrait Party. On the left is Judith’s sketch of Sharon. Sharon’s quick watercolor of Judith is on the right. They both captured each other’s essences in a powerful way.

2362446255_ed9630a476_o.jpg 2362446327_7fba9dc46b_o.jpg
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It’s been a while since I’ve sketched with those very unforgiving Sharpies and it was fun and somehow liberating to just start drawing and see where I ended up and then loosely add watercolor. I was working from photos I was sent by N. and R. I’ve never met either of them in person but I find it’s often easier drawing someone I don’t know intimately. One of the photos N. sent me was so intriguing that I plan to attempt a more serious portrait from that image later.

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  1. These are FABULOUS!!!! A bit like a caricature and yet filled with personality!!! wonderful wonderful job!


  2. I agree with Lin..both these images have SO much personality! You are really so good with these images…I remember a while back of the guy that asked you for his portrait too… I’m amazed at how you have a few inklines and a few Sharpie strokes and there they are!Great work


  3. Wonderful colors on these!


  4. These are wonderful! Great colors. I love the quiet dignity of N’s portrait. “R” has a fabulous expression. Such a great smile.


  5. Oh, What fun, Jana! I love them! I’m guessing N and R will be pleased, too…


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