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Illustration Friday: Soar – Flying with Whales

Flying with Whales

Ink and watercolor in 5.5″ square dream sketchbook (Larger)

I love my flying dreams. In this one I was flying over the ocean and saw some whales frolicking below. I flew down and was playing with them when one bit my arm hard. I knew he meant no harm though, so once he let my arm go, I stayed and played with them some more.

The next dream wasn’t as much fun. I went into San Francisco to visit my boss (unbeknownst to her), planning to phone when I got there. But my cell phone had no reception and then I dropped it and it fell apart right over a sewer grate. I finally retrieved all the pieces and then a block away, drop it again over another sewer grate.

Then I realize I’ve forgotten my shoes and am barefoot and it’s dark and cold and I’m in a bad neighborhood. But I remember I love to run barefoot in the dark (huh?!!!) . So I run up and down the hills of San Francisco, trying to find my way to downtown Hollywood where I can catch a bus home. It goes on and on, but the rest of the story is likely to amuse only me so I’ll stop there.

I woke up with the idea that I needed to replace my cellphone and then wasted the morning researching the latest phones until I remembered that my phone hadn’t really fallen and broken and does still get reception and that I had no excuse for considering buying an iPhone, no matter how cute they are.

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I identify with your dream paintings. I have such wild dreams I never thought I could paint them. You have inspired me. I also liked the photo of your cat watching the painting video. My cat watched “birdman of alcatraz” and fell off the TV trying to catch the birds. Keep painting those dreams. I really wonder where they come from, don’t you. I’ve had coffee cups chasing me, and I’ve run from people without mouths and walked the wall between life and death. I must think about those subjects. Thanks for sharing.


Get a Centro if you will. I almost did when I realized I did not need the additional expense and that Sprint kept on messing up with my account and adding unknown charges with the replacement without my knowledge. Mine works fine still, I bet yours also does. Nice dream, though!


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