Drawing Sketchbook Pages Watercolor Wet Canvas

Wet Canvas WDE: Peacock


This was my contribution to the Wet Canvas Weekend Drawing Event this week. He was drawn in ink and then watercolored in my sketchbook. There’s always great photos to work from there, but I’ve gotten so interested in drawing from life that I hadn’t been doing the WDE lately. Couldn’t resist trying the peacock though.

I used to think that getting a drawing right would take too long so I used to trace my subjects from enlargements of my photos onto watercolor paper. My time was limited and I just wanted to PAINT–I thought that was the fun part–and I had no faith in my drawing ability. Now, after only a few months of daily drawing, I feel confident enough in my drawing to start drawing directly in ink most of the time.

And I’ve come to value and enjoy pictures that are drawn, not perfectly, but with personality and feeling and verve. Of course it’s nice to be able to get it right, too, but the most important thing is the pleasure I get from the drawing and the understanding that comes from really seeing deeply the things I’m drawing.

Sketchbook Pages Watercolor Wet Canvas

203 North Wabash (Weekend Drawing Event)

203 North Wabash, Chicago

The photos for this week's Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas were from Chicago. I did this drawing in my 6×9" sketchbook with ink and watercolor. I usually draw with ink first, but this time drew with pencil and then got most of the way through the painting before I realized I'd forgotten the ink so I added ink at the end. I liked it a lot better before I added the ink. Someday I'll learn to stop before the picture is overworked. I was kind of spaced out from what I call a "walking" migraine today (feel like crap but don't have to spend the day in bed in the dark wishing I had no head) but focusing on drawing helped me feel better.

Watercolor Wet Canvas

Big Duck is his name – Wet Canvas WDE

BigDuck smaller

The photos for the Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas this weekend came from a "smallholding" (a small farm) in Newfoundland, Canada. I've been doing a lot of loose and free sketching lately so it was fun to focus on the details of the crenulations around his bill. They call him B.D. for Big Duck and he's a Muscovy. It's so much fun having a different person post pictures from their life from different parts of the world each week, and then seeing the paintings the members of the group have made from the photos they've chosen. In just the past few weeks we've had photos from the Netherlands, the Virgin Islands, a farm in North Dakota, and now Newfoundland. I've heard of armchair travel books where you just READ about traveling…I guess this is armchair painting!