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203 North Wabash (Weekend Drawing Event)

203 North Wabash, Chicago

The photos for this week's Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas were from Chicago. I did this drawing in my 6×9" sketchbook with ink and watercolor. I usually draw with ink first, but this time drew with pencil and then got most of the way through the painting before I realized I'd forgotten the ink so I added ink at the end. I liked it a lot better before I added the ink. Someday I'll learn to stop before the picture is overworked. I was kind of spaced out from what I call a "walking" migraine today (feel like crap but don't have to spend the day in bed in the dark wishing I had no head) but focusing on drawing helped me feel better.

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AWESOME! I saw the pictures on wetcanvas and I think you did an awesome job with this scene! There is nothing worse than your head hurting…hope you feel better!


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