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Big Duck is his name – Wet Canvas WDE

BigDuck smaller

The photos for the Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas this weekend came from a "smallholding" (a small farm) in Newfoundland, Canada. I've been doing a lot of loose and free sketching lately so it was fun to focus on the details of the crenulations around his bill. They call him B.D. for Big Duck and he's a Muscovy. It's so much fun having a different person post pictures from their life from different parts of the world each week, and then seeing the paintings the members of the group have made from the photos they've chosen. In just the past few weeks we've had photos from the Netherlands, the Virgin Islands, a farm in North Dakota, and now Newfoundland. I've heard of armchair travel books where you just READ about traveling…I guess this is armchair painting!

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wow, the detail is amazing!!! And the eye is so realistic, i don’t think i’ve seen a duck like that before; and armchair painting: cute!


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