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Sketching Bezos and Putin

Jeff Bezos and V. Putin, graphite 12x9"
Jeff Bezos and V. Putin, graphite 12×9″

Did you know that Jeff Bezos could give $105,000 to every Amazon employee and he would still have just as much money as he did before the pandemic, according to Robert Reich?

He has so much money he could change the world, but unlike his fellow tech gazillionaire Bill Gates, he just keeps trying to expand his empire and make more money.

I sketched these two round-headed evil guys as an experiment during the portrait drawing class I took back in August. I can see all the flaws in them now but I’m trying to get all the older stuff posted so I can get to the newer better ones.

I know I could just skip the old sketches and post the new ones I like better, but I try to document my journey as I learn and grow, so here they are.