Sktchy app is such a great resource for finding people to draw. Here are a couple of gals drawn/painted in Procreate on the iPad.

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  1. Jana, you are getting amazing likenesses of your reference photos. I downloaded Sketchy on my phone and I see a lot of other artists portraits but I don’t see reference photos of people to draw from. Am I missing something?


    • Thanks Julie! Click the light bulb icon at bottom of Sktchy app screen to find photos to sketch from or if you see a sketch of someone you want to draw swipe left on the sketch and the original photo is displayed. From there, Click on the person’s name (who submitted the photo) above the photo and then when you are on their page click “inspiration” and it will show all their posted photos. If they’ve also posted art that is visible by clicking “art” to left of “inspiration”. Make sense? lightbulb=inspiration photos, palette icon=art work, +=add your photos or art and the rest you can figure out I’m sure!


      • Thank you! I tried it and it is so cool. I have been wondering where I could find reference photos of people to draw and paint and this is perfect. So much fun to see how everyone handles the same photo.


  2. Great! Have you been posting there? I haven’t been on Sktchy lately…got sidetracked with some other sketching and painting but will be getting back to it asap and will look for your sketches.



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