I’m going to be posting daily in order to catch up with a bunch of work done previously and never posted. Then I can be current everywhere instead of just on Instagram and Facebook. So here are some sketches I did from the TV while watching Project Runway’s last season. All were done on the iPad in Procreate last year!  Above and just below the lovely Maragarita from Puerto Rico.

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  1. Hi Jana, Definitely awaiting seeing your works!!! Always inspiring to me!! And away we go!!
    God bless, C-Marie


  2. Thanks C-Marie. I’ve got them set to publish every day for the rest of the month. It will be good to get caught up, though I keep making stuff so who knows!


  3. And you did it while watching TV. Blows my mind how quick you are to catch people on TV. Looking forward to the feast you will be sending us–wheee.


    • Thanks Annie but I actually pause the TV and work from a still image. I have a Tivo and only watch stuff I’ve recorded so I can pause, rewind and skip ahead through those awful commercials.


  4. Wonderful!
    This is definitely commendable!!

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