Granny Smith Sliced, oil on Arches Oil Paper, 11x9 inches

Granny Smith Sliced, oil on Arches Oil Paper, 11×9 inches

I was struck by the beautiful cream color of the apple when I cut it open and then all the subtle pastel colors I could see in the flesh because of the light shining through and reflecting off of the apple skin and the turquoise plate. Below are photos in the process of painting the apples from life, with a snapshot of the set up. This painting isavailable here: (Click here for purchase info)

Food sketch, Oil Painting, Painting
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  1. Beautifully done!! Will work from your work with your permission as it will make it easier to”see” what is in the apple that I use. God bless, C-Marie

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  2. Gorgeous! Love your emphasis on color!


  3. Outstanding!!!!

    Thank you, Nicole Carrier-Titti


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  4. Really nice! Love it.

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