Figgie 2014, ink and watercolor, 8x5.5 in

Figgie 2014, ink and watercolor, 8×5.5 in

This little fig tree has survived so much: being transplanted, then a killer frost, and then transplanting again after sewer line work. As soon as leaves sprouted this year so did two figs. Sadly the crows or squirrels (or the toddler next door?) took them before I could even post this.

Little Rose Studies, ink and watercolor, 7.5x5.5 in

Little Rose Studies, ink and watercolor, 7.5×5.5 in

I sat in the driveway and quickly sketched some roses but had to stop when the shadow of the house took away the light.

End of Journal Self-Portrait, graphite, 5x7.5 in

End of Journal Self-Portrait, graphite, 5×7.5 in

And then there’s my not so spring-y self, frowning into the mirror, with hat-head and something wrong with the mouth. And yes, it’s intentionally buried at the bottom of this post. It feels good to be drawing again, after what seems like months away from it. It’s also a little frustrating feeling rusty at it. But the only fix for that is more drawing!

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  1. I like the sketch of the fig tree. They are amazingly hearty. My dad broke off a branch from a fig tree over 50 years ago, stuck it in the ground and it grew into a large fig tree. It spreads all over the place. We cut it down to it’s trunk every year and it keeps coming back in the spring growing about a foot a day (it seems.) It produces the green figs


  2. I just had to smile… You look a little stern in your self portrait, but your drawing skills are as sharp as ever to my untrained eye!


  3. Yep, Cynthia is right! And I always like your end of book self portraits.


  4. Always like visiting with your self-portraits. We had a little snow on Wed!


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