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Seeing Is Believing or Drawing Is Seeing? Zach’s Snacks on Berkeley’s North Side

Zach's Snacks on Berkeley's Northside, ink & watercolor sketch, 5x7"
Zach’s Snacks on Berkeley’s North Side, ink & watercolor, 5×7″

They say, “Seeing is believing.” I say, “Going through life without drawing is like being nearly blind. Only when I stop to look in order to draw, do I really see!”

Berkeley’s Euclid Avenue ends at the north side of University of California’s Berkeley campus (the greenery on the right, above). This block has everything you’d expect for a street abutting a college: shops with pizza, beer, coffee, burgers, snacks, and oh yeah, books.

There is some great architecture in this neighborhood too, including this apartment building with a snack shop tucked away in a little basement room. I’ve probably walked past here a hundred times and never noticed the interesting features of this building, with porches, pillars, carved wood decorations, fancy brickwork, and cool old lanterns.

Only when I stopped to draw and started really looking did I see what was there all along.

10 replies on “Seeing Is Believing or Drawing Is Seeing? Zach’s Snacks on Berkeley’s North Side”

Beautiful picture – it looks so nice and like a neighborhood people like to live in.
Now I’d really like a drawing of that little candy-shop and all their sweets (a sweet tooth speaking here) 😉
Have a very HAPPY Sunday 🙂


Fabulous sketch. Even though I love to draw and agree entirely with your views about truly seeing things when you really stop to look, I find this philosophy translates equally well to photography. But then as a photographer I am always seeing through the lens as an artist wondering how my shot will look on canvas! A drawing however will always hold a more magical quality of its subject than any photograph in mind 🙂


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