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Happy Face? Donuts?

Dream Fluff Donuts, ink and watercolor, 5x7.5"
Dream Fluff Donuts, ink and watercolor, 5×7.5″

Do you have a happy face right this moment? I didn’t until I received a blog comment/email from a German blogger whose email and blog name is happyface313. It made me wonder what it would be like to be that committed to a happy outlook.

She inspired me to lose the grumpyface I’ve had the past few days while working on helping a loved one with difficult challenges, and to try out being Ms. HappyFace instead. I put on a smile, made the mental shift from grumpy to grateful, and surprise! It worked!

Happy Donuts, watercolor painting (sold)
Happy Donuts, watercolor painting, 15×22″ (sold)

What does all that have to do with donuts? Well, “Happy Face” made me think of Happy Donuts and my old painting of their shop (above), which reminded me I needed to post my recent sketch of Dream Fluff Donuts (at top). And donuts used to be my shortcut to happiness but I stay far away from those deep-fried, greasy sugar bombs now.

4 replies on “Happy Face? Donuts?”

Whatever we can find that gets us back on target, Jana…So glad that this worked for you. So enjoy your sketches and stories that go along with them.


Wow, thank you very much, Jana!
I am truly HAPPY 🙂 that my blog name and blog cheered you up.
Life is too short to run around with a long face.
Your scotches are so beautiful – do you have any more of Santa Monica?
Have a very HAPPY and wonderful day!
Greetings from the German girl in Vienna, Austria 🙂


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