Top of Solano Ave, Berkeley, Ink & watercolor, 5x7.5"

Top of the Top of Solano Ave, Berkeley, Ink & watercolor, 5×7.5″When we

When Cathy said, “Let’s sketch at the top of Solano Avenue Tuesday night” I chose to  literally sketch the top of Solano: looking up and drawing the tops of streetlights, buildings and trees.

It’s common here to refer to the “top” and “bottom” of streets when they’re on a hill, and 2-mile long Solano is on a slight incline as it runs from the start of the Berkeley Hills at The Alameda (just a street, but for some reason called “The Alameda”), down almost to the bay. I sat at a table outside a café and sketched the view at sunset. There are so many beautiful trees in Berkeley!


Berkeley, Ink and watercolor wash, Outdoors/Landscape, Sketchbook Pages, Urban Sketchers
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  1. Oh yah! Soft background, tops of trees and most pleasing!!


  2. I just love how I can almost feel what it’s like to be looking at the real thing. Thanks for posting, (I’ve been lurking but’ve never commented. )


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