EDIM 11-Gardening Gloves, ink & watercolor sketch, 8x10"

EDIM 11-Gardening Gloves, ink & watercolor sketch, 8×10″

I received these wonderful half-rubber, half-knitted gardening gloves as a house-warming gift when I bought my home in 2001. They’re still in excellent condition and I think of the friend who gave them to me every time I prune my roses without getting wounded by the thorns.

I’m not sure if their excellent condition is because they’re such good quality or because I don’t spend enough time gardening. I set them on a roll of transparent packing tape on my drawing table to sketch them and let the paint mingle on the paper instead of mixing one color. Drawing gloves is fun!


Gardening, Ink and watercolor wash, Sketchbook Pages
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  1. nice mingling of colors Jana! I bought my mother a similar pair of gloves for mother’s day– she likes how comfortable they are.


  2. fun painting. Thanks for explaining what they were used for.


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