Draw a Pine Tree  and a Scented Product (perfume and cat litter)

Draw a Pine Tree and a Scented Product (perfume and cat litter), ink & watercolor 8×11″

I had fun with May 6: “Draw a Scented Product.” I sketched two scented “products” — one man-made and one cat-made. The man-made is a lovely (and expensive) room perfume (Vanilla, Bourbon and Mandarin) that I fell in love with at my dentist’s office and unlike most scented products doesn’t give me a headache. It nicely counteracts the scented product my cats produce on a  regular basis.

“Draw a pine tree” was the cue for May 5. Easy…found one in my neighborhood bigger than a house and sketched it and painted it sitting in my car on a cold, foggy, windy day.

I’m experimenting with an inexpensive ($13.00) Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor palette. I like the format, size and light weight very much and the way the paint easily re-wets. Although the colors aren’t as intense as their artist’s grade paints they’re all permanent/lightfast. But that might be fine for sketching since it might help me keep the sketches simpler and save fancy washes for real watercolor paper.

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  1. Love your sketches Jana! Especially the details like little sprinklings of litter outside the box. I know just how that goes with 3 cats of my own.


    • Thanks Judy! Drawing details are such fun, even if they’re that nasty, ubiquitous cat litter. I finally found a brand that doesn’t travel too much. Jana

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  2. I’m enjoying you daily drawings/paintings as an art teacher and a learning water-colorist. I like the idea of a small portable watercolor pallet that can be carried around for sketching on location. Keep up the good work!


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