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Catahoula Coffee Roaster & Smog Certificate

Catahoula Coffee Roaster, ink, marker & watercolor, 8x5"
Catahoula Coffee Roaster, ink, marker & watercolor, 8×5″

When I went to get my car smogged there was a 30 minute wait so I walked down the street to Catahoula Coffee for a latte and some sketching. I only had my pens and a couple of markers with me so I added a little watercolor over the ink and markers when I got home.

The coffee was good and the beautiful coffee roasting machine provided an inspiring challenge to draw. The counter in front of it curves around the shop. That’s an (empty?) burlap bag of coffee beans next to the barista reading his soccer magazine when business slowed down.

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Hi Jenn, The pencil bag I carry all the time only has 3 colored Markers (Pitt Artist Brush Pens): red, yellow and sepia plus grey and black. Also included in that bag is a mechanical pencil, a Lamy Safari fountain pen and a micron pigma pen and usually a few other random pens. When I go out sketching (not just out and about) I also carry a separate kit that has a travel palette of watercolor paints and some watercolor travel brushes. Jana


It was big but not that big compared to commercial ones, I’m sure. This is a small neighborhood storefront shop so it might look bigger because of that. If so, I must have done a good job with drawing the proportions of the interior. Jana


Either way, best left to the pros. I never could get it ground properly when doing my own and always made such a mess! Now I buy it in 1/2 pound bags pre-ground and that gives me a good excuse for a walk to Peet’s at least once a week. Jana


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