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Saul’s and The Actual Cafe: Sketches

Saul's Valentines Day Dinner, ink & colored pencil, 5x9.5"
Pickle Eater Wearing Cape Behind Susan Sketching, ink & colored pencil, 5x9.5"

By the date on this sketch at Saul’s Deli you can see how behind I am in posting. I have just a bit more organizing to do in the studio. Once that’s done I will share pictures of the studio and then can not only catch up on posting but also on sketching and painting.

Actual Cafe: Bike Hangs From Ceiling, Ink & watercolor, 8x5"
Actual Cafe: Bike Hangs From Ceiling, Ink & watercolor, 8x5"

We had a great Tuesday sketch night at the Actual Cafe in Oakland. It’s an interesting place with a huge mural on the wall, a lending library, bicycles hanging from the ceiling, and regularly scheduled art events. They host bingo games to benefit non-profits and, being a bike-friendly establishment, use an old bike rigged up to spin a bingo cage and send bingo balls down the chute.

And now off to the studio.

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happy studio is coming along! great sketches…checked out the cafes too…wonderful places, not sure but don’t believe there’s anything like that around my neighborhood! The Actual Cafe sounds excellent…no computers, real people in real time…what a concept…welcome back to the real world! 😉


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