Miller-Knox Park Sketches, Journal Spread, 11x7"

Miller-Knox Park Sketches, Journal Spread, 11x7" (see enlarged individuals pics below)

We are having the most glorious Indian summer this October, with nicer weather than we had during the real summer. I always think of this hot, dry weather as Earthquake Weather because of the earthquakes and fires during other hot Octobers. And sure enough there have been several earthquakes the past week.

The little tree, from my car, sketch #1, ink & watercolor

Little tree, from my car, sketch #1, ink & watercolor

When I arrived at Miller-Knox park for a plein air group paint out at 10:00, I decided to sketch the first thing I saw: this little tree. I sketched from where I parked my car. At the end of the paint out, when we returned to the parking lot, everyone was laughing at the dope who parked their car all wonky and it was my car they were pointing at.

Apparently in my enthusiasm to get sketching, I managed to park at such an angle that I went around the cement parking stop blocks, ending up half on the grass and half in the next space, none of which I’d noticed doing.

Lagoon view, geese in the shade

Lagoon view, geese in the shade

I took a walk and found a nice spot in the shade with a view of the lagoon and lots of white geese and Canadian geese. I lost the white geese when I repainted the shaded area so later added some white watercolor (which never quite works) to try to get them back. Since they’re in the shade, it’s OK that they’re not super white.

Lagoon and bridge view

Lagoon and bridge view

In the Bay Area you can be in a stunningly beautiful park but have views of freeways or bridges in the background that remind you you’re still in an urban area.

People Picnicking in the Park

People Picnicking in the Park

My last sketch of the day was of these folks setting up a picnic under the trees. This was one of those days when the weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful, and my pen and paint just worked.

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  1. Jana, I love everything about this post– even the layout. Wonderful sketches! What a place–I’d never want to leave, it once I was there, and you really caught the atmosphere. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. You have an unlimited supply of interesting places for painting, all within an easy drive. I keep waiting for repeats of places you’ve been, but so far, new new new!

  3. Wonderful sketches!!! You have definitely communicated the luxury of an Indian summer day spent outside with lots of interesting subjects for sketching!

  4. It really does look like your ‘pen and paint just worked.’ These are wonderful sketches. So full of atmosphere and life. I particularly love the trees in your lagoon and bridge view. Love it!

  5. They certainly DID work! These are gorgeous! Especially the two with ducks. And you’re right, it doesn’t matter that the ducks aren’t white, which is a great learning lesson for me! That one happens to be my favorite!

  6. No matter how the earth shakes, your work remains strong and sure. I love all of these watercolors!

    p. s. A relative was in Richmond for a photo shoot during one of the earthquakes and wondered why some of the shots came out unfocused. He thought it was him…Stay safe over there!

  7. Fabulous sketches. I must confess to chuckling at your parking story.

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