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Good Enough For Jazz (at Caffe Trieste, Berkeley)

Randy Craig Jazz Band's guitarist, Terry at Caffe Trieste, ink & watercolor, 7x5"
Randy Craig Trio at Caffe Trieste, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

On a rainy Tuesday night (in June! it never rains in June here!) we met at Caffe Trieste, a small very “North Beach” coffee house in Berkeley. The place was packed, but Micaela arrived early and saved a great table for us. Soon the wonderful Randy Craig Trio squeezed their equipment into a corner and started playing, accompanied by a woman singer.

Gelato at Trieste, ink & watercolor
Gelato at Trieste, ink & watercolor

I loved getting to sketch accompanied by live music! The musicians were great and their choice of songs was really interesting and brought back memories of the records my dad used to play, including a great rendition of Twisted, made famous in the 50s by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross (seen here playing with Count Basie at the Playboy Club):

and later by Joni Mitchell. We ended up staying later than our usual Tuesday night 6:30-8:30 because we didn’t want to leave while the band was playing (and we probably couldn’t have squeezed out between the crowded tables anyway).

Warm up sketches
Warm up sketches, the singers and the audience

So I used the extra time to add to the warm-up sketches page above. They’re nothing special, but as my boss often says, “Good enough for jazz!”

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You always take us to such colorful and fun places, Jana. Love the sketches. And thanks for taking us along.


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