Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, ink & watercolor, 5x7"

Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, ink & watercolor, 5x7"

When Laura Frankstone of Laurelines was in San Francisco for a long weekend I had the great pleasure of joining her for an afternoon of sketching in Golden Gate Park. Laura and I had corresponded and participated together in many art blogging activities since 2006, but this was the first time we met in person. She is a brilliant artist, a delightful person and great fun to sketch with.

Below are our sketches of the Conservatory. I added watercolor to mine (above) in the studio later since it was windy, foggy and cold sitting on the grass and so were ready to go explore the (way too hot) conservatory.

Laura's on left, Jana's on right

Laura's on left, Jana's on right (click to enlarge)

Photo of the Conservatory with my sketch

Photo of the Conservatory with my sketch

After getting all steamy inside the Conservatory of Flowers’ jungle-like atmosphere, and touring the Wicked Plants exhibit, we came back out to sketch people on the lawn.

Girls Picnic  in Golden Gate Park, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

Girls Picnic in Golden Gate Park, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

We agreed to paint these later too, since time was short and we wanted to keep moving. Below are our two sketches.

Girls in the Park; Laura's above, Jana's below

Girls in the Park; Laura's above, Jana's below

If you click the image above to enlarge it you can see how Laura even captured the girl on the left’s cheek bulging with her snack.

Our last stop was the Tea House in the Japanese Tea Garden. The garden is an absolutely beautiful place with incredible plantings, sculptures, buildings, ponds, trees, moon bridges and more. I wanted to live there.

View from Teahouse in Japanese Tea Garden, ink & watercolor, 5x7"

View from Teahouse in Japanese Tea Garden, ink & watercolor, 5x7"

While our tea was the most delicious jasmine tea we’ve ever had, our experience was not exactly the “meditative cup of tea overlooking the peaceful waters of the garden” because men were doing construction and running a small but loud and smelly bulldozer back and forth on the path behind what I sketched above. The combination of noise and exhaust were less than ideal but unlike me, Laura didn’t complain once.

Moments after we sat down in the Teahouse another woman sat down beside us and pulled out a sketchbook (before we had ours out). She was an art history student visiting from Boston and we all sketched happily together. The waitresses kept coming over to praise our drawings. I said, “You must see people sketching here all the time.” She said no, we were the first she’d seen.

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  1. Lucky you to get to sketch with the lovely Laura! Looks like a nice day from the photo, and it brings back good memories of a day sketching there last Fall.

  2. What a great post 2 of my favorite artists (and people) together. Too bad my trip didn’t coincide! I love the work here – the conservatory came out especially well.

    • We almost called you on Skype from outside the conservatory to say hi and be able to all be together even if virtually. Laura got out her phone and then I think a big gust of wind came along and we decided to go indoors and then poof, on to the next thing. I still haven’t gotten skype set up on my phone or laptop but will do soon and then I’ll see if I can figure out how to get in touch that way. I think of you every time I put real cream in my coffee. (yum) Jana

  3. I want to live inside that Japanese garden drawing! I can almost taste the tea, and in the drawing at least there are no bulldozers or even their sounds. Looks like you both had a great time. Fabulous drawings, all.

  4. Oh, Jana, what FUN to see your post and the final versions of your gorgeous drawings! Weren’t we lucky to have had that time together?
    I just posted my version of the day on my blog.

    Can’t wait for our next adventure, can you?

    • And I can’t believe I never replied to your message! Yes it was such fun and I hope we have another chance to meet up again soon! Jana

  5. What a lovely meeting for you two, and great sketches!

  6. Wow–that’s amazing that they don’t routinely see people there sketching! It’s such a beautiful spot. Really lovely post, Jana! I love the soft colors communicating the conservatory…

  7. What fun! You two really captured a special day…

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