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Apples, Delicious #1 (post fixed)

Big Red Delicious Apple, oil on panel, 6x6"
Big Red Delicious Apple, oil on panel, 6×6″

It’s funny how a small apple on a small panel can look so big! In the lunch room at the office where I work, people bring in boxed lunches from a nearby cafe. The boxes always include a petite Delicious apple but nobody eats them, preferring the sandwich on homemade bread, chips, and giant cookie.

So the apples are abandoned on the lunchroom table and I take them home to use as still-life objects. I have about a dozen of them now (they seem to last forever) and like setting them up to interact with each other like actors on a stage.

This painting is available on my DailyPaintworks gallery.

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Yep, I think you’re right. One person said she tried one and it was kinda mealy. Growing up Delicious was the only kind of apple in the grocery store (or at least the only ones my mom bought). Jana


The apple is, I think, the perfect motif because it is so commonplace. And thus is becomes a perfect vehicle for just looking and for pure painting. Is a good thing, too, that these apples have got this second chance to have meaning — since the “Delicious” part of their lives doesn’t seem to be working out too well…

The croppings are part of what makes this apple look so large. Gives it some of the feeling of a modern photographic portrait, that it is pushed up toward the front with portions of the “bodies of other people” — or make that other apples! — in the background. Also the color contrasts are intriguing and probably even more vivid in the actual painting. Would be interesting to see them in other combinations with other colors.


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