Drawing Every Day Matters Ink and watercolor wash Painting

Soap: Every Day in May

My Favorite Soap from Trader Joes, Pentel Brush Pen & watercolor
Trader Joe's Lemongrass Soap, Pentel Brush Pen & watercolor, 5.5 x 7.5"

Well, yes, of course I’ll use soap every day in May…but that’s not what this post is about. I read that the Every Day in May group was doing a daily sketch from the Everyday Matters (EDM) list. I had so much fun with EDM in 2006 when I first started art-blogging so despite being in the middle of a dozen different things I decided to join in.

They started with #101 – Draw a bar of soap. I searched the house and had no bars of soap so I drew my favorite liquid hand soap from Trader Joes. It’s Lemongrass-Sage and it smells wonderful!

I hadn’t used my Pentel Brush Pen in a long time and I thought I remembered that it doesn’t bleed when you add watercolor. No such luck. Or maybe I didn’t wait long enough for it to dry?  Just for fun, here’s my original EDM #101 bar of soap, just for fun.

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“of course I’ll use soap every day in May” – you crack me up! And not to have a single bar of soap in your house. . . is that sort of like having no dial phones or face clocks?


Haha. Yes, I guess it is, and in fact I do not have a single clock in my house. I wear a digital watch and use my iphone when I need an alarm clock. And my phones are all digital too. Funny, hadn’t thought of that. The only clock I had turned into a source of mystery which I wrote about here: “Help! My house is haunted!”.



Yes, Jana, what is it with that? I have a Pentel brush pen with the little refills that you punch in. Mine are supposed to be waterproof, but I find that some are and some are not. I don’t know whether it’s the refill or the humidity or what. Did you try one and let it sit awhile before adding watercolor? What I do, now, is test it on paper, first, to see what mood it is in…


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