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Huntington Park Playground

Huntington Park, ink & Pitt Artist brush pens
Huntington Park, ink & Pitt Artist brush pens

Another drawing opportunity while the girls play in the park. They got bored and ready to leave at just the moment I finished the sketch. I added a little color with Pitt Artist brush pens when I got home. That’s quite a fancy light fixture at this nice little park in Richmond Annex.

I have so many other pictures to post but all have stories that need writing, and after a day of unsuccessfully trying to re-paint a painting for the third time, any words I might share at the moment aren’t really fit for print!

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ah, know that feeling, painted a 8×7 foot canvas of a monster
this week, in between my regular job. i was asked to do it
at the last minute for a health fair. the monster turned out
well but….i certainly felt overwhelmed….happens sometimes.


Very nice!
I love Pitt Pens: and they are so good… in the sense that I still have some (a few colours I rarely use) that I bought seven years ago that haven’t dried out.
That’s quality!


The tree and the lamp post (indeed it IS fancy) seem to be in competition. It isn’t clear who’s winning, nature or man. Love the way the lamp breaks through the frame. And that tree is like it’s smiling. A very cheerful picture!


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