Ladies Shoes, Target, Ink & watercolor

Ladies Shoes, Target, Ink & watercolor

Yes Target! Although we’ll be so happy when we can go outside for our Tuesday evening Urban sketching again, sketching at Target was a lot more fun than you might think. I had fun sketching the silly high heels and flip-flops on the wall behind them. Nobody seemed to notice or question why I was painting in the shoe department.

Left over Valentine Flowers, ink & watercolor

Left over Valentine Flowers, ink & watercolor

It was the night after Valentine’s day and there was the display of sad, wilting Valentines roses, on clearance, half off.

Remote Controlled Baby Swing, ink & watercolor

Remote Controlled Baby Swing, ink & watercolor

Whatever happened to sitting in a rocking chair holding the baby in your arms? This contraption had a touch pad remote control with 6 speeds and more. Someone told me he bought one of these only to discover it came in a million parts that was a nightmare to assemble.


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  1. I’ve never sketched in a store. Interesting results!!

    That baby chair is just mad, but a fabulous sketch of it.

    • Thanks Sue. It does seem mad to me. But then I rarely see rocking chairs anymore in people’s homes–but they sure are more attractive than this monstrosity! Jana

  2. I hate to say this but you could drop down into a coma on the floor at Target and no one would notice. So, sketch away!

  3. Lord save us, an automatic baby rocker?! Thanks for an interesting post.

  4. Your sketches are great as always, but I would never have picked Target!!! I’m limited by my imagination, obviously!

  5. “Nobody seemed to notice or question why I was painting in the shoe department.” – oh Jana – this is so typical for our society – you could not have expressed this better! But still I had a good chuckle about it. What would happen if you did this in the changing room I wonder. Would be the real crash test – wouldn’t it?
    The sketch about the automatic rocking chair is really a hoot!!!
    Hugs to you,

    • It would be funny to see what it would take to get noticed–though if you’ve ever seen the scary blog People of Walmart you’d know it probably would take a lot! The dressing rooms are one to a room, so you wouldn’t be observed there. I thought about sketching in the ladies locker room at my gym (free figure models!) but figured that would really get me in trouble! Jana

  6. I love your sketches, I’m so glad I found your blog! I also adore Target, and haven’t ever thought of sketching IN a store like that… great work!

  7. Wow! You are seriously brave! But it looks so fun, now I want to draw at Target. The shoes are fabulous. And the baby swing, perhaps it has finally found a worthy purpose as art! Already assembled, of course.

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