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Sketching at Le Bateau Ivre (The Drunken Boat)

Le Bateau Ivre, ink & watercolor
Le Bateau Ivre, ink & watercolor

Le Bateau Ivre is a cafe I used to visit often when I first moved to Berkeley so it was great to rediscover it with my Tuesday night sketch group. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere warm and inviting. Le Bateau Ivre is in an old house on Telegraph Avenue and each room has its own charming personality and decor.

Details of the room and music
Details of the room and music and my drawing mistake

I fell in love with the classical music playing in the cafe and was holding up my iPhone to the speaker, hoping that the Shazam or Soundhound apps could guess the recording. The owner of Le Bateau Ivre saw me and asked if the music was too loud. I explained what I was trying to do and she ran to get the CD and showed it to me. I took a photo of the cover which I later pasted on to this page. The CD was Heinrich Ignaz Franz van Biber: Sonatae a Violino solo of 1681.

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Hi Jana, Lovely line work. Even the border around your text reinforces the sensual curves of the lamps and chandelier. Nice page design too. Looks like a very enjoyable evening. Ambal


Hi Jan…I haven’t visited your blog for awhile…since word press does not post a picture on blogspot…I sometimes skip by it and forget it is there even though it is listed as one of my favorites. I promise not to let that happen too often. I look at your long list of blogs you read and sigh. NO way would I ever have time to look at all those. Not and paint and live and read and sing and walk and write my own blog!!! Some by me sometime too…


Hi Ginny, Thanks for visiting and leaving a note. I have the links on my blog more to highlight artists whose work I enjoy rather than to use those links for visiting their blogs. What I do instead is use Google Reader which is so convenient. I’ve added all of my favorite blogs to Google Reader and have it set to show me only those sites that have new posts. You can view the whole post right there in Google Reader. I tend to keep up with posts more easily that way, often on my iPhone when I have a few minutes. The only downside is that since you aren’t on the actual site you can’t leave comments. Jana


The Drunken Boat! What a lovely name. Reminds me of the story of a Fijian soldier talking to visiting Queen Elizabeth. He was telling her about his patipati (outboard boat) and said to her ‘My patipati geer jau’ which means ‘My boat drowned’ – mixing Fijian and Hindi words.
Lovely artwork. Fresh and warm and inviting like the cafe you describe. Peceli and I ate at a small Thai cafe last night as my grandson wanted to turn the sausages I’d cooked into a very very hot curry.


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