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My Super Bowl (of apples) Sunday

Super Bowl of Apples, oil on panel, 8x8"
Super Bowl of Apples, oil on panel, 8x8"

I don’t really “get” football although I have fond memories of men (my father and others) gleefully yelling at televised games. I didn’t want to feel left out of the Super Bowl Sunday festivities so I celebrated in my own way: painting a Super Bowl of apples.

I love this old “Metlock California Pottery” bowl which I think might have been my grandmother’s. I use it for my big lunch salads nearly every day. It’s also a great popcorn bowl.

Plane Divisions chart, from Hensche Colour Study pdf
Plane Divisions chart, from Hensche Colour Study pdf*

At last weekend’s workshop with Peggi Kroll-Roberts, one important bit of guidance she gave me was that “every plane has a color change and/or value change” and she diagrammed for me how to visual the planes of the cylindrical object I was painting (an old teapot), similar to Fig. C above. She encouraged me to see and paint those changes in value and color and I tried to do that with the apples.

I learned so much at the workshop and hope to return to her next session in March. It was also great finally meeting my friend Kathryn Law in person (she attended the workshop too). Kathryn has already posted her terrific workshop paintings with commentary on her blog. You can see her Workshop Day One here and Day Two here.

*The diagram above was from a  source completely unrelated to Peggi Kroll-Roberts. I extracted it from the lengthy .pdf file “Colour Study,” downloadable from the website, Oil Painting Thoughts and Ideas about Henry Hensche’s approach to color study.

9 replies on “My Super Bowl (of apples) Sunday”

The light in this picture is wonderful. Looking into the bowl at the apples deepest in the pile is almost to see the air vibrating. I think you must have learned a lot, but I think you also invented a lot of magic of your own too.


This bowl of fruit does seem to have a shimmering quality to it!!! You definitely have achieved your objective, to realistically portray the changes in light over their planes. Beautiful!!! And time spent way better than actually watching the Superbowl—we only watched because my brother-in-law (Steelers’ fan) was here…..what a non-event! I finished knitting a pair of socks for my sister during the game, though, so it wasn’t a total waste of time!


Thanks for uploading those drawings showing how Peggi K-R indicates the various planes. A picture is worth a thousand words. Your apples are super! (pun intended)


I can almost hear the crunch when I bite into one of those beauties. I think that’s a far better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday than yelling at the t.v. 🙂


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