Tea and Butter, Surface Quality Study #2, oil painting on panel, 8x10"

Tea and Butter, Surface Quality Study #2, oil painting on panel, 8×10″

This is my second study based on Peggi Kroll Robert’s “Surface Quality” video. In order to paint along with her in the video, I tried to use the same elements: a yellow table (or cloth in my case), a cup of tea, a spoon and a cube of butter on a plate. (This time I made sure the cat couldn’t get to the butter!)

I learn so much from Peggi’s videos, whether I’m watching her paint or just listening. Each time I play one of the DVDs I hear or see or understand something I missed the first time. I’m so excited I get to paint with her in person at her studio in Angels Camp, CA.

I’m also excited that I’m going to spend the weekend workshop with fellow artist-blogger Kathryn Law, whose friendship and support over the past couple of years I treasure but whom I will be meeting in person for the first time.  Kathryn has also been working with Peggi’s videos and you can see her “Surface Quality” study here.

Art theory, Oil Painting, Painting, Still Life
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  1. Have a good time Jana. You will be in my neck of the woods (I am just down the road in Valley Springs). The weather should be ok. Can’t wait to see the posts.


  2. I like this! Definitely worth keeping the cat out of the studio. Have a wonderful time painting and learning!


  3. I glad the cat didn’t get this pat of butter. Great results.

    I must follow your example and do some workshop (video or face-to-face).


  4. Really nice. This almost has an Edward Hopper feel to it.


    • I love Hopper so thank you very much! I don’t think of him as a still life artist though, so it’s even more interesting of a response to hear. Jana


  5. […] for butter. But then one day I came across Jana Bouc’s work online. She has a painting called “Butter and Tea, Surface Quality Study #2,” and I fell in love with it. It was exactly what I had in mind, partly for its rich, Edward […]


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