Where did the day go? Ink & watercolor pencil

Where did the day go? Ink & watercolor pencil

Does this ever happen to you? You start off the morning feeling optimistic about everything you’ll get done today and then suddenly it’s evening and the To-Do list has only grown? Not only the day flew by, but given the date on this sketch, so has a week or two.

I sketched this sign while sipping an afternoon latte at Peet’s Coffee. Two women at the next table seemed so intrigued by my watercolor pencils and water brush that I said, “Here, try it!” and let them color and paint (on their napkins).

I’ve been so busy with working, teaching watercolor, and squeezing in a little time for painting and sketching that I’ve gotten behind on posting. But my number one priority today is finishing binding a new journal as I’m down to the last two pages in my current one and they’re reserved for my end-of-sketchbook self portraits.

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  1. Oh, I can SO relate to that feeling of “where did the days go”? Seems like the summer has flown by with not much to show for it. That was a cheerful sketch and I like the idea of offering to let people try out your materials. I once let a “guest artist” of about 4 years do a drawing in the back of my sketch book.

  2. Where did the summer go or has it arrived? Each Tuesday, as our group goes out to paint, we shiver… tomorrow promises to be a nice day.. we are heading to Cornerstone in Sonoma, beautiful gardens and much to see… E.

  3. Like the first comment poster, i recognise that feeling so well! Such is life, beautiful and ephemeral and so often startlingly busy…

    • …and only seems to get more so (busier)! Is it that time has speeded up or my brain has slowed down and life just seems to go by faster? Jana

  4. Indeed. For me those sorts of days happen much more often in the summer, when i tend to think I have all days to …fill in the blank…and then I don’t do whatever I intended.

  5. Yep, I know that feeling! That’s how I felt about the two weeks I just spent in Alaska—where’d it go?!! It’s already time to go back to work…..

  6. As a teacher, I have the summer off, and always start with a long to do list…making sure many are fun things. With 2 weeks left, my list is longer, not shorter! Oh dear. Jana, what kind of watercolor pencils and water brush do you use most?!?! Painting with these is on my list!!

    • Hi Michelle, I do that with vacations too. I know they’re meant to be for R&R but I always have a long to do list instead. The watercolor pencils I use are Caran D’Ache Supracolor Soft. I have a tin of 18. And the water brush is made by Niji Sakura. I mostly use the middle sized one. I think the watercolor pencils are fun, but when I’ve tried to use them to create a watercolor-look I didn’t feel it was successful. I guess they’re just their own medium and need to be used as such. I haven’t taken the time to get “good” at them, and have gone back to carrying a small watercolor palette with me instead of the colored pencils. Jana

  7. Good for you to give those women your brush n pencils! I hope they were inspired?
    And, for you or anyone else in your neighbourhood this http://www.greenchairpress.com/blog/?p=1459
    looks like fun. Bit too far for me, I’m afraid!;-)

    • Their Paper-Girl site is interesting and their art ideas look like fun. Alas, too far for me too. I live across the Bay from S.F. and since their focus seems to be on delivering art by bicycle and bikes aren’t allowed on the bridge, I can’t play. But thanks for sharing link! I’m curious how you happened to find them? Jana

  8. I can so relate to this post right now! Where did the first part of August go??

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