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Elinore’s Birthday Mimosa

Elinore's Birthday Mimosa; mixed media
Elinore's Birthday Mimosa; mixed media

Last Sunday I went to a lovely birthday brunch at Elinore’s favorite restaurant, Liaison Bistro in North Berkeley. The food was absolutely fabulous, the service was excellent, even with the large group, and the company was delightful.

After we ate and the plates were cleared, the waiter walked around the long table with a big rubber stamp, printing the dessert menu on the papers covering the tablecloth. When he came to me, I said, “Wait!” and pulled out my sketchbook, asking him to stamp the book instead.

The stamp became the frame for my drawing of Elinore’s mimosa. I had my mini-sketching kit with me so used a couple watercolor pencils and a waterbrush for color. Then people wanted to see the book, passing it around and looking through it, but being polite about not reading the personal stuff (I hope).

Later I used a gold gel pen to title the page and pasted in the wrapper for the little chocolates they put at each place.

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Raena took the words right out of my mouth– you are just so great at tuning in to a
potential sketchbook moment and then turning it into a Happening that sometimes
invites the people around you to share in it. And then, as Linda and Levonne say, you also have a record of it, a wonderful memento on top of the memories.


Thanks so much Annie! I just wish I did more of it…but there’s always that fine line between being present with friends and family and wanting to draw them! Jana


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