Church on the Corner, Acrylic on canvas, 8"x8"

Church on the Corner, Acrylic on canvas, 8"x8"

On Solano Avenue in Albany to do an errand I looked up and saw the bell tower of this church against the very blue sky and was sorry I’d accidentally left my sketchbook and paints at home. Fortunately I did have my little camera and took a few photos I could paint from.

The title of the painting is actually the name of the church. According to their website this 100-year old church community changed their name from “First Baptist Church of Albany” to “Church on the Corner” in 2005 because “many people in the community refer to it that way.”

I can’t stop pondering the implications of this: like what if other businesses started dropping their identities and brand names and Apple Computer became “Big Corporation in Cupertino” or Starbucks became “That Coffee Place on Every Corner.”

Golden Open Acrylics and Utrecht Masters Panels

This painting had been nearly finished when I tried glazing over the sky and it failed miserably, lifting off some of the previous layer. So I painted the sky again. Not sure if it was something I did wrong or that the Open Acrylic Gloss Medium doesn’t work well for glazing over layers.

For this painting I used an archival-quality Utrecht Masters panel which is medium-textured canvas on MDF (medium density fiberboard). The surface seemed too absorbent and coarse for the soft Golden Open Acrylics so I applied a first layer of regular acrylic.

That solved the absorbency problem but the texture is still a little too rough for the way I like to paint in thin layers. I have several more of these panels so will continue to experiment with them, using paint more abundantly so the texture isn’t as problematic.

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  1. I don’t understand why people do that (hack into accounts and send out those emails!) I did get back into the ning group, and now I’m going to call it a night!

  2. I’m enjoying the graphic look to this – almost abstract in the close crop. Very inspiring, Jana. Makes me want to dig out my acrylics again.

    Thank you for adding me to your blog-roll. I can’t find out how to do the same with yours – but I will add yours to a static list. x

  3. Yay – I found out how to add your blog to my scrolling list. I will get the hang of Blogger one day ….. x

  4. This is beautiful.

    That’s an interesting thought about losing identities. “That Coffee Place on Every Corner” made me laugh

  5. It’s a gorgeous painting! I would have had no idea you had to reglaze the sky or had any problems with it. Aren’t those moments wonderful, when you see an image that just resonates and it has to be captured. My husband surprised me the other day when he wondered if I’d thought about writing because I obviously had a need to express myself, such as the pictures I take or my paintings. You have a great ability to express yourself in pictures AND words!

  6. I love the colors in the shadows, so rich… a simple and elegant work, Jana.


  7. This is bold and simple and super. Almost Eastern. Church on the corner so I hope the church is turning the corner to look in other directions in mission! I’m cross and cranky with out church as it is being crowded in – cemetery on one side, funeral parlour on the other – who want to extend and even put in an ashfelt parking area rather than grass. Doesn’t seem inviting for young people! See Google earth pics on our blogsite.

    • I looked at the pics on your blog but couldn’t figure out which was your place. Very interesting to see the vicinity though and how close you are to the beach. Somehow I expected the area to be greener. It looks a lot like California. Jana

  8. Great composition, great color, great painting!

  9. Lovely Jana, this is a really interesting piece.

  10. Hello Jana,
    The dryness is because Google Earth took these pics during a drought maybe two years ago. It’s not today which is green.
    Our house compound is the one with the brown rooftop and the large back yard with a car half hidden by a green roofed shed.

  11. Love the angle in this painting. I’m not normally a fan of acrylics, but this one turned out so nice that I may have to rethink the medium. Beautiful.

    • I am very much NOT a fan of regular acrylics, but have had some good luck with the Golden Open Acrylics, although I’m back to struggling a bit with them at the moment, having just scraped off a painting I’d been working on. But it was a bad composition and too coarse a canvas, not the paint that was the problem. Jana

  12. I think it’s breathtaking.

  13. I like the composition & use of colour in this – that touch of green amonst the lilac shadow for example.

    As I use acrylics I’m curious as to what the difference is with these “Golden Open” variety. Is it a brand name or do they behave differently?

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