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Janas (fake) Journal: How to Remove an Elephant Hat Spell

How to Remove an Elephant Hat Spell, Gel pen & colored pencil on black Canson drawing paper
How to Remove an Elephant Hat Spell, gel pens & colored pencils

For International Fake Journal Month 2010 I bound a journal with dark papers which, as you can see by the title below, is being filled with useful spells and unspells. I say that in passive voice because it is an alternate Jana who is filling it, one with great wisdom and special skills.

Janas (FAKE) Journal 2010, Book of Spells & Unspells
Janas(Fake)Journal, Book of Spells & Unspells

The papers I used to cover the book board is made of some kind of bark I think. It was in the special paper drawer at Dick Blick. Here is the full spread of the Elephant Hat spell page:

Elephant Hat Spell, full spread
Elephant Hat Spell, full spread

In case you’re wondering when one might need such a spell, it recently came in handy for me. At my day job I was used to changing hats constantly, putting on the desktop publishing hat, then the  finance hat, swapping that with the web-work hat, then the customer relations hat, database, marketing, etc.  Such is life in a small non-profit during difficult financial times.

But then the hats got sticky and I couldn’t get them off; I was wearing all the hats all the time. And one morning I noticed that one of the hats had a huge, heavy elephant on it. I was sinking fast. I needed help. I tried the Elephant Hat Removal Spell. Then I asked nicely.

I got the help I needed:  Half of those hats have been handed off and my schedule has been reduced to half time. The elephant disappeared and the hats are now a comfortable fit—when worn one at a time.

17 replies on “Janas (fake) Journal: How to Remove an Elephant Hat Spell”

Jana, I have such a big grin on my face from this. The alternate Jana hasone sence of hummer.
Thank you I needed this,


Clever girl! Is having an elephant on your hat anything like having a monkey on your back? Enquiring minds want to know. Think the grape Kool-Aide would work?


I think it’s exactly like a monkey on your back only way, way heavier! I don’t know where that grape Kool-Aide idea came from, though I do have a rather odd history with the stuff. Jana


Having worked at a nonprofit I have experienced this syndrome.. love your analogy.
It’s timely as I am having difficulty shifting in my writing.. I am a freelance writer and when I try to go to blogging or my ‘real’ writing it can be an awkward transition.

Keep sharing the spells, they’re quite unique.


Oh yes, I understand about difficult transitions. I’ve just about given up trying to transition to creative work on Fridays when I finish my day job work. I use Friday afternoons for cleaning up and getting organized instead. Sometimes it helps to have a ritual, like making a cup of tea, or taking a shower or a walk to clear the mind before making the switch. When you do both at the same desk like you do I bet it’s even more challenging. Jana


Yes, I’m going for one at a time. I just heard that a recent study has proven that the brain can’t really multi-task anyway, it just switches back and forth when there are two tasks at once. More than that and it starts doing poorly at all of them. Jana


Thanks! I like your email address. Scrapacat brings all kinds of funny pictures to mind and intrigued me so that I googled it and found your charming artwork, bunnies and kitties on Flickr. Cool! Jana


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