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Coffee With White Socks and Sales Lessons

Coffee & White Socks, 8x6", graphite
Coffee & White Socks, 8x6", pencil sketch in sketchbook

Trying to recover from a caffeine hangover headache this morning, and completely out of coffee at home, I walked (slowly) to Peet’s for a latte and a bag of beans to replenish my supply. While I was sipping and sketching this lady, two clerks from the nearby Trader Joes sat at the table next to me and held a training session that provided an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the grocery business for the always curious (and eavesdropping) me.

They took turns reading aloud from a document contained in a bright blue cardboard folder. I learned that the average checker completes about 200 sales per day and that that number is used to compare the productivity of workers. I learned about when and why they have to declare goods unsellable and that they then donate them to food banks, including flowers.

They pondered that one for a while, trying to figure out who would actually want unsellable flowers and what they would do with them. They concluded that food banks probably don’t need flowers so they must go elsewhere. But I was thinking the flowers would be nice to brighten the homes of the needy people getting the food.

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And you sketched this with only a few sips of caffeine in you–wonderful. I agree about the flowers. I worked with
the homeless and people with needs and low income for 18 years. And I know they would love some flowers.


I’m not sorry you’d run out of coffee beans ( a little surprised, but not sorry!) because it enabled you to share this post. Great day!
And on the unsellable produce…some years ago, a truck carrying a full load of water melons caught fire near my Man’s office. Some of the melons were burnt, but 100+ were just a little scorched.The Food Police said they must be destroyed so the chaps from the office took the forklift, loaded a big crate, then divided the “spoils” among nearby retirement homes, Churches and Youth Clubs.


Funny/sad that “unsellable” food is what goes to food banks. But then I guess I wouldn’t have a problem eating those watermelons. 😉

I think I glance too much. I always feel like people notice when I’m (trying) to sketch them. Very nice work–great proportions and a real sense of life and movement. I can almost see her gently moving about and breathing, swinging her leg a little bit, maybe.

God bless,



Thanks Cin!

Annie, I agree. They probably need the flowers even more than someone with all the comforts of home.

Dianne, Hooray for people thinking for themselves to do some good in the world. Fooey on the Food Police!

Cindy, She was moving a lot, turning the pages of the paper, swinging her leg like you said. I stopped worrying about people noticing my sketching them. I’ve only had someone seem bothered by it once or twice.

Maria Jose, Thanks for the greetings from Spain! Wish I was there!



Hi, Jana.

As a “n00b”, I was poking around on other blogs, trying to find kindred spirits, when I saw your name in another blogger’s sidebar list.

There is so much here, I will definitely have to come back and comment on other postings, later. But today, I want to tell you that I got a huge kick out of this cafe sketch. We could definitely share stories.

I’ll be back.

Thank you,

~Lavanna Martin


Lavanna, You’re right! We could definitely share stories. I visited your blog and found it really amazing and do indeed feel a kindred spirit.That’s amazing that you do oil portraits in cafes! That’s the ultimate in public sketching. I loved reading the stories too, and will be back to read more. Thanks for making the connection! Jana


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