Hotel Mac, Pt. Richmond, Ink & Watercolor

Ink & watercolor, 8×6″ (larger)

When we had all our paintings lined up to view after our plein air paint-out today, a very cheery homeless man passed by, examined everyone’s work, and announced that my oil painting (below) was the only one he would buy, repeating this several times. It wasn’t as high praise as one of the others in the group got: this is the third week in a row she’s sold her painting right off her easel!

I started the day with the oil painting below, trying to make use of some of the color mixing theory I’ve been studying. I was hungry to do some more detailed drawing too, so after the critique, I put away my painting gear and got out my sketchbook to do the ink and watercolor above.

Hotel Mac, Pt. Richmond, Oil

Oil on panel, 8×10″ (larger)

Brick buildings are rare in California as they do not tend to survive earthquakes. But Hotel Mac, this three-story, red brick building in Pt. Richmond, a quaint, bayside community, was built in 1911, and must have weathered many quakes over the years.

Pt. Richmond is only a 15 minute drive from my house but I’d never been there before. I was pleasantly surprised by this little town on a hill. The street is lined with charming cafes and just over the hill is a huge, beautiful waterfront park (Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline) with gorgeous views of San Francisco across the water, a lagoon, and a railroad museum. I’m definitely going back there to paint again!

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  1. Jana!! My gracious — those oil colors and fantastic!!!! I love the feel of this in oil — but I have to admit, the ink and wash (always a favorite of mine) — just entralls me!! I am so glad you did BOTH! In the oil — that bit of yellow in the mix really highlights the building — as it does in the trees … lovely lovely touch! and the detailing in ink — love that too!!! Sounds like a super day, cara glad!


  2. Oh Jana – like Lin I’m really in love with your ink and watercolor rendition. You know how much I love your work and each watercolor keeps me returning again and again. I also like the oil a great deal and the very calmness of it has a Hopper feeling to me.


  3. I agree with both comments above…each medium comes into its own and conveys the beauty of the difference in the use of each. The detail is so lively and vibrant in the watercolour, almost playful and the oil has an elegance and richness in colour mixing, feels “oldworldly”, flattering to the architecture…I enoyed seeing these both!


  4. The perspective in the oil is strong and perfect but I love the quirkiness of the ink & watercolour!


  5. Wow, Jana! Looks like your color studies paid off! I absolutely LOVE the tones in this building and the trees! Glad to see that you did the pen and wash too…it is different but beautiful also..


  6. I love the intensity of your watercolors. Your choices to represent the building is just awesome…… lovely. In the oil painting I wish you would have been able to get more of the windows in…. I’m particularly fond of windows in paintings.


  7. A good idea to make two versions and they are quite different. With all that bright red I wonder why it isn’t called ‘House of the Rising Sun’! No, you can get away with bright colours of course.


  8. Yes, like others, I can see you’ve made great strides with your oils. But your w/colours will do it for me, hands down, every time!ANd thanks for the link to that pretty park.


  9. The colors are beautiful!!



  10. I just love your ink/watercolor piece. I’m glad that the homeless guy liked your oil painting so much, probably brought him a bit of joy to his life.

    I recently had a homeless guy approach me while drawing with a group. He was concerned that we were all down there writing down things, and when I told him that we were drawing, he was happy. Don’t know what he thought we were writing.


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