Still Life for a Spring Cold

Brown Micron Pigma ink and watercolor in homemade sketchbook, 5×7″ (larger)

Need I say more?

I had a quiet, restful weekend, got enough sleep, didn’t stand out in the wind painting, and what do I get for it? A cold! That will teach me to slow down. Maybe if I just keep moving as fast as I usually do, always staying busy, the darn bugs don’t have a chance to take hold. The minute I slowed down they went to work.

Or maybe the cold was already taking hold and that’s why I chose quiet indoor painting this weekend?

With some Vitamin C, tea with lemon, and chicken soup, I’m usually able to kick a cold in 24 hours. That’s what I’m counting on this time.

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  1. Talented even when sick! Hope you beat that cold.


  2. Oh Mercy!! And yet youpaint despite it all!! Feel better, hon — I agree — talented even when sick!

    I’ve managed a wee bit of exercise with all the meetings, tours, rain …. sigh …. get thee well!


  3. Oh, feel better soon, but I love the still life!


  4. Hope you feel better soon… Take care of you!


  5. Even your “still life with cold” is interesting…not the cold though. Hope you kick it soon…


  6. hope you feel better! I like the brown micron pigma. I might get one.

    by the way, I’ve finally changed blogs:, more of the same.


  7. Hope you feel better soon Jana! I believe in the same things…and drawing them will bring their function to life!


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